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Tuna - We supply the best quality tuna for sashimi throughout the year as well as tuna for grilling at a reasonable price. We also offer our quality-assured frozen toro. 
Salmon and other fresh seafood for raw consumption - The highest grade Atlantic and Scottish salmon is available. We supply fluke, striped bass, Spanish mackerel and other seafood selected by our experienced professional buyers. Oysters and lobsters are also available.
Fresh fish from Japan - We regularly air-import fresh fish from Japan such as yellow tail, red snapper, namako and kibinago.
Frozen seafood - For your daily use, we have shrimp, black cod, salmon roe, and beautifully colored flying fish roe in our inventory.
We are proud to be the pioneer and the hardest-working supplier of tuna fish for our clients in the US East Coast since 1980. Our speciality has grown to include salmon, fluke, and fresh clams from North America and other parts of the world. We also provide a wide range of frozen seafood from Japan and North America. We deliver fresh fish for sashimi from Japan daily and cater to your needs swiftly. Please enjoy the best tasting seafood from Yama Seafood!